Perky boobs from mother nature!!



Hello Everyone,

I know, I am still alive…😊😊😊😊

It has been almost a year since I connected with you guys. But for those following the business page on Instagram you know i have been working round the clock. It is not easy trying to keep up with satisfying our customers and coming up with new ideas and recipes for our growing range of products. If you are not following our business page on instagram, pleaseee do. Simply go to the search bar and type @tresbodorganics


I know this page is primarily about beauty and wellness. But i will be talking about the breast, which is actually a part of beauty. Feminists may argue that the breasts don’t define a woman. But in this part of the world, the breasts is said to add to the beauty of a woman. Infact, a common belief around this part of the world is that when a young woman has saggy breasts it means she is sexually loose, her beauty worn out because she has had one too many lovers 😕😕😕. Yes i see you rolling your eyes. That sounds absurd and silly right???. No wonder why more young women are looking for safe alternatives to ensure their breasts are in good shape without considering surgery.


So, about a month ago we launched our all natural breast firming oil and I must say the feedback has been quiet encouraging. We currently have a back log of payments from different customers hoping to secure a bottle. This is because we make small quantity per batch.


Now, there is no argument that a firmer and perky bust adds extra boost to your confidence as a woman and makes you embrace your femininity more. After a lot of research about the wide range of natural herbs that help lift the breasts. We came out with this effective oil blend.

It contains natural ingredients like Fenugreek seeds, Maca root, Valerian roots and other ayuverdic herbs. All known for containing properties that trigger the hormones responsible for making the bust fuller. These herbs also help increase the breast size in the most natural way with no side effects. I normally advise that the oil be applied twice a day ( morning and night).  You lift each breast, apply the oil all over and massage till it is fully absorbed into the skin.  For some women they begin to observe a change from the way their breasts feel ( from feeling saggy and loose to feeling more firmer) within 1month of regular use.

Ideally it is advised that the breasts should be properly cared for just like every other part of the body.  These includes doing chest exercise that strengthens the pec muscles thereby giving the bust line a lift.


Do you think you need our breast firming oil??. Send a message or email to or DM on our Instagram page @tresbodorganics. We are also on whatsapp +2348075542049.


“Paradise can be found on the back of horses, in books and in between the breasts of a woman” – Arab Proverb.


My black soap




Good morning,

How is your week going? I have been nursing a cold for a couple of days now. The hot weather isn’t helping matters, I am dying for a cold drink but the flu tells me otherwise.


In my last post I mentioned I was going to talk about my black soaps. For clarity I will walk you through the process of making one of our hottest selling products. The process isn’t as easy as it seems but the reviews we get daily has been encouraging and quiet motivating.


The black soap needs no introduction, it is one product that has been there for centuries and in my opinion unites us as Africans. Most African countries  produce the traditional black soap and it is a household necessity especially in the rural areas. Some come in granules others in solid form. I source mine from Ghana and I get them in large solid slabs. This is because I am always preparing a fresh batch every 2 weeks. I have used the same vendor for the past 3 years because my formulations come out great !!!. Another reason why i have stuck with the same vendor is because not all black soaps lather well as I have come to realise. That doesn’t sit well with me LOL.


So, basically we customize the african black soap and made it our own. Currently, we stock 4 variants of black soap and they all contain different ingredients based on the skin condition and the clients preference. We have the Baby glow soap( nourishes, heal, repair and make skin youthful like a baby). The Spots and anti- blemish soap( to treat acne, pimples, rashes, eczema, body odour, dermatitis, spots, white heads etc). The Tone & Exfoilate ( it removes dead skin cells, evens the skin tone, and makes your complexion smooth and radiant). The Extra white black soap lightens the skin in a safe and natural way, fades discoloration or pigmentation) and gives you that flawless glow.



Everyone has their method of working with the black soap. Some make them in liqiid form like bath wash, others make them in bar form. I prefer the pounding method, which comes out in a paste form. I choose this method because it allows the ingredients seep into the soap well.



There are three stages of customizing our soaps. The first is to break the soaps into pieces. The second stage is adding the ingredients which includes herbs, leaf powder, seeds, roots, extracts, oils, raw butters, plant based fragrances, hydrosols etc. The third stage is allowing the ingredients marinate for hours into the soap.




This is followed by stirring the mixture to ensure that it is well saturated. One last pounding on the mortar to make sure no lumps are in paste. Thereafter, they are scooped into clean jars and left to cure for 24hrours.

Lest i forget before buying black soaps make sure it is not the type prepared with water. Most people add water during the black soap making process, but my black soaps do not contain a drop of water. Over time black soaps containing water go rancid and affect your skin.


Let me state here that the common belief is that black soap dries out the skin. This isnt entirely true, during the process of making the soap i always use sufficient amount of raw butters, carrier oils and humectants like vegetable glycerine. To ensure that the skin isn’t stripped of it’s natural oils. So if your skin dries after using the soap then maybe not enough quantity of emollients and humectants was used. However, we do have people with naturally dry skin, with such people anything dries out their  skin very fast.


For  naturally dry skin people  I often recommend drug store emollient creams like Cetaphil, Aqueous skin solution cream, Lubriderm or our souffle body butter made with white honey to be used along side the black soap.




Viola! We have our creamy and rich black soaps ready for use. They also smell heavenly too!!.  If you love face packs like i do. Then you will find that our black soaps are perfect for face or body mask. Just wet your skin, apply over wet skin and leave for 5-7mins before washing off with your loofah. The Spots & Anti- blemish black soap is everyone’s favorite during the warm weather because it contains apple cider vinegar which kills bacteria’s that grow on the skin.



Our black soaps are sold in wholesale and retail rates and can be shipped nation and world wide. If you wish to go through our customer feedbacks simply log on to Instagram and search our handle @tresbodorganics OR our Facebook page : Tresses & Body Organics



Till next time, let nature pamper you xx


































Dealing with discoloration



Hello Guys,


It has been ages since I kept in touch. Lord knows how tough it gets juggling between work, getting a life, and running a business. But I know I had to let you guys know what has been going on. You will agree with me that when you have a busy life style it takes its toll on your skin. I discover one of the problems I battle with is skin discoloration. Yes, I know she makes skin care product so what could be the problem LOL.


Personally, it has little to do with my products or not having time for my skin.  Rather, I tend to experience skin discoloration in two instances. One when I travel from one country to another. About two years ago I travelled to central Africa for Xmas holidays and within weeks my complexion looked dull, I went 2 shades darker.  Perhaps my skin was reacting to a change in the weather, water, food etc. Another instance when I experience skin discoloration is when i am stressed out. I seem to be going through a lot lately (work related) .



The good thing is that I have very clear skin with no spots. But that extra glow seems to fade off whenever I am working too hard or longer hours. After a while, you find your skin loosing its lustre. For some people they experience pigmentation after exposure to the sun and not getting enough rest and sleep. When faced with this problem, I turn to my facepacks and my handmade black soaps.

Photo Mixer1520786226323


Each face pack is made with a variety of Ayuverdic herbs, bark, roots and seeds, all blended to help brighten and even out the skin tone. I find adding natural clay such as kaolin or zeolite mineral clay to the face pack also helps in extracting radicals that increases pigmentation in the skin. When mixing my mask into a paste i use either honey or  greek yoghurt.  There are days i create time and use my exfoilating handmade black soap made with natural ingredients like orange peel (i will be talking about the variety of black soaps we stock in my next post).


Another variable to consider when battling skin discoloration is eating right. Eating fruits like watermelon, papaya and pineapple helps me a lot  because they hydrate my skin and they contain high amounts of vitamin C which helps make the skin fresh. If you are always on the go, get a fruit blender and make some fruit smoothie with a bit of vegetables like kale and lettuce added to it.


Till next time, remember “happiness is a habit, so is your skincare…cultivate it”.


Your neck needs love too…


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Happy New year guys! It is 2018….can you believe this. How did you ring in the new year?. For me the holiday was beautiful to say the least . It was a time to catch up with old acquaintance, family members and loved ones. I am still recovering from all that good food and desserts LOL.



So today I am talking about taking special care of your neck. I use to be one of those who spent more time on my face but over time I have come to realise the importance of taking good care of this delicate part of the body. One of the areas that you notice aging is taking place is the neck and of course the under-eye area. When you neglect taking care of the neck you will notice discoloration, loose skin and an uneven tone. For some people, you notice their facial skin is different from the neck area. I always advise even when applying your face pack/ mask, do not forget to apply around the neck area too.





So, late last year, i developed the habit of treating the skin around my neck better and I intend to continue this habit. I start my day by applying an oil based serum. It is a blend of infused herbs, extracts and oils. I use herbs like saffron, Chinese licorice, chamomile etc which all have brightening, healing and rejuvenating properties. I prefer handmade products because i have control over what kind of ingredient is used in making them. I apply the serum in the morning just after washing my face and neck with my exfoilating black soap.


The black soap contains herbs that gives this gentle yet deep exfoilating feel, no sponge or loofah needed. The soap also helps to even out the complexion around my neck so it matches my face.


For the past 2 months the harmattan has been quiet harsh thereby causing dryness. So I use our souffle body butter at night as supposed to the serum. This body butter is actually formulated for fading stretchmarks and cellulites but I find it keeps the skin around my neck well hydrated and smooth. It contains Shea butter, mango butter, cocoa butter and wheatgerm oil. These ingredients adds extra moisture and the presence of wheatgerm( rich in vitamine E) prevents saggy and loose skin by adding a youthful glow.



I strongly belief you don’t wait till you are in your 50’s to take care of your skin. The earlier you start paying attention, the better. Once you have a solid skincare routine and you do it religiously you are guaranteed to age gracefully with healthy and radiant skintone.


Are you starting to notice saggy lines, wrinkles and age spots around your neck and you are below 50 years of age?. What products have you being using to treat it and how is it working for you?. Remember prevention is better than cure.


Show your neck some love and flaunt it…..




Green coffee: The beauty beans



Hello beautiful people,

How are you doing, i cant believe the year is coming to an end. Have you started your christmas shopping for you and your loved ones?. The atmosphere has been a bit tense in the country especially with security concerns but other than that life is good.

So, today i would like to talk about this amazing health product which is the green coffee. Most people are more familiar with black coffee beans, well this is 10x more richer than the black coffee bean. As the name indicates the green coffee contains higher amount of chlorogenic acid which gets lost while processing regular coffee bean. Sometimes getting a herb, plant, seed on its raw state (unprocessed) gives you more quality.

I decided to add this bean to our beauty and health collection because I have heard such great reviews from wellness experts and nutritionist. A client told me about how fast it aids in weightloss and helps flush toxins in the system. But she had difficulties finding it in stores. So if you like to detox once in a while, green coffee is a good option. If you or anyone close to you is battling high cholesterol or high blood sugar, then make green beans a staple in your pantry.  It can be consumed daily before your main meal. All you need is to brew 2 tea spoonful of organic green coffee and you are good to go.

As a skincare lover, i wanted to see what i could get out of it interms of making skincare products . The green coffee bean can actually be grinded and added to your DIY products because it adds moisture to dull and dehydrated skin. This makes it the perfect ingredient for facial serums or body oil.  It helps heal damaged tissue and boosts rapid cell regeneration. For those who love soap making, nothing beats adding green coffee to your DIY handmade soaps especially for stretchmarks and anti cellulite  treatment. You can also extract green beans and use its oil to make body butter, ointments or salve to heal burns and fade bruises.

I made a batch of sugar based body scrubs and added some Shea butter and grinded green beans to my mixture. The grinding process was no easy task because I had to use mortar and pestle but the results were worth the ache and pain in my arms LOL.

Have you tried green coffee beans, if you are looking to shop for pure organic green coffee beans. Kindly drop a message or an email


“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks”- John Muir


My Midnight Glow 

Hello everyone,

I trust you are doing okay, if you reside in Lagos particularly the mainland then you know it is going to be long hours of traffic because I see the skies have gone really dark. The good news is that I am indoors getting ready to make a batch of my favorite body oil “Midnight Glow oil”. This oil is the perfect blend of oils, herbs and extracts to leave your skin feeling smooth, brighter, soft, radiant and blemish free.


The Midnight Glow oil has been one of our best sellers for the past 3 years and I find the process of making it quiet therapeutic. Sometimes I select the herbs based on each clients specific needs or skin type then allow to infuse for days before use.





Here is a picture of two separate maceration. One for removing blemishes, spots and treating skin anomalies(left) it contains fennel, rosemary, lemongrass etc. While the second picture (right) is a blend of chamomile flowers, dried green tea leaves  and Chinese licorice root etc to lighten dark marks, remove hyper pigmentation and brighten up the skin. Personally my oil for maceration depends, sometimes I use almond, olive or Jojoba and allow infuse for days near the sun.

Here is a tip, mason jars are hard to find and some times can be very expensive from the local online stores. When you are done using your mayonnaise, the glass containers come in very handy especially the Bama Mayonnaise large size. Wash and sterilise and you can use them for your infusions.


I like making my body oil light that way it sinks into the pores immediately without leaving any greasy feel. The weather is getting very hot at almost 32° degrees so I had to keep that in mind while making it. I always add a bit of orange-cinnamon fragrance oils to mine because it lifts my spirit up. But i keep it fragrance free for my clients.

Here is a picture of our Midnight Glow oil wrapped and ready for dispatch to a wholesaler in Ireland.

Do you love making body oils? What are your favorite herbs?. If you want a bottle of our body oil or oil based serums. Send an email to or follow me on social media @tresbodorganics

Till next time, I leave you with this quote “beauty is a female thing, that is why nature is stunning”- Anthony T. Hincks

The Healing effect of  the Kalonji seed powder 

Hello beautiful people, how is your week going?. Mine has been quiet smooth and not so tedious. I am grateful for moments like this when I can get some air. So today I want to talk about the kalonji black seeds also known as Nigella seed.

Initially i would get mixed up and assume it is the same as the black alligator pepper. But for clarity sake the kalonji seeds are the same as the black cumin seed. If you work into a spice market simply look for the aisle with black cumin seed. This seed is quiet popular with indians and south east Asians and has been used for centuries mostly for medicinal purposes. It has so many amazing skin, hair and health related benefits and that is why it has found a space in our herbal pantry.

 I don’t trust the type being sold in stores because most times they are adulterated and you are not so sure of what you are getting. As with all our herbs and spices. I source my kalonji seed or powder from suppliers who bring in Ayuverdic herbs from India or the middle east. When making scrubs or hair oil I use the seeds but when making face masks or cooking I use the grounded powder. 
The black kalonji seed oil is used for treating hair loss or premature balding especially when mixed with onion oil and amla. It is also comes highly recommended for healing patients battling diabetes and high blood pressure. I add a bit of it to my dishes and the flavour is amazing. Below is a pic of our tumeric-black seed facial scrub and tamarind-dilke handmade soap.

If you are a DIY fiend then you need to give this seeds a trial in your next recipe. We are currently out of the seeds, but we have the powder in stock. Would you like to try some???, send a message to or better yet scroll through our Instagram page @tresbodorganics

Till next time, I leave you with one of my favorite quotes “the Forrest are the lungs of our land”- Franklin D. Roosevelt